Running for bile duct cancer

Mar 12, 2015

Kate Wolski is running the 42km Gold Coast Airport Marathon to raise awareness about bile duct cancer, the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Cancer that her mother is diagnosed with. Full-time worker and mother, Kate has volunteered in the past and is ready to take on the challenge of running, for the second time, such a gutsy marathon.

“While raising my boys, I started to lose my fitness and decided that the Gold Coast Airport Marathon would be a great challenge to get healthy. When I found out mum had been diagnosed with rare bile duct cancer, I knew that the GI Cancer Institute was the charity I had to run for to raise awareness and money” said Kate (pictured here at R with her mum, aunt and sister).

Once she had decided to participate, Kate knew she had to make changes to her lifestyle to prepare for the marathon. To be in the best shape possible, she would have to train and prepare well in advance. Her mother’s diagnosis motivated her to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes that she hopes will continue even after the marathon. As part of her training, she has been learning new ways to be nutritious and well.

“The Gold Coast Airport Marathon provides the ASICS app which really helps you prepare for the marathon. I also have a beginner’s book on marathon running that helps you plan your training and get to the level of fitness you need to run a long marathon,” said Kate.

She has also influenced her husband and sons to join in her new chapter of nutrition and fitness. She felt as if her life had become more healthy and wanted to make a conscious effort with her sons to be more active.

Kate has “been running four times a week, swimming once a week with my boys and trying to walk them to school as much as possible. It’s difficult to keep up a healthy lifestyle when you have children and full-time work, but running this marathon has given me the goal to get fit.”

Before the diagnosis of her mother’s bile duct cancer, Kate felt clueless about most GI cancers and she knew that raising awareness was incredibly important to help with education and research.

“I’ve been lucky that many people at my work have sponsored me. I also had an old work colleague reach out to me when she saw my Everyday Hero fundraising page and tell me about her father, who has pancreatic cancer. I felt ignorant that I didn’t know much about GI cancers, and it motivated me to learn more and educate myself. As a society, I think we are only scratching the surface of education about GI cancers and we need for there to be more awareness.”

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