Take the healthy eating Gutsy Challenge and let’s tackle obesity and GI cancer together!girl for web post

We need our fruit and vegetables – kids need 4 serves of veg and 2 fruit per day; adults need 5 serves of veg and 2 fruit per day.

You can set up a fundraising page on our Gutsy Challenge page on the Everyday Hero Fundraising site and nominate the GI Cancer Institute as your charity.

Here are some ideas for a healthy eating Gutsy Challenge to raise funds for GI cancer research:

  • Eat only healthy foods for a week, or a month and get sponsors for eating healthy.
  • Have a JUNK JAR in your office and collect donations every time someone eats sweets, chocolates, has soft drinks, or alcohol.
  • Create a healthy morning tea, include a raffle and collect donations from your work colleagues.
  • Change your family’s menu for a week and get sponsors.
  • Get your kids to eat healthy for a week and have friends and family sponsor them.

We can provide all the help you’ll need for your healthy eating Gutsy Challenge – healthy recipes, tips for staying motivated, posters and flyers.

Sign up now to start or contact us at info@gutsychallenge.com or phone 1300 666 769.