The Gutsy Challenge is a healthy eating and physical activity program to raise awareness of the impact
of gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer and raise funds for vital research to save and improve the quality of life for people with GI cancer.

Our goal is to change the habits of Australians by improving lifestyle choices. 30% of all cancers can be prevented by choosing a healthier lifestyle.

A Gutsy Challenge can be as gutsy as you want it to be: do it on your own, with friends, involve your family or do it at work with your colleagues or members of a club.

Taking the Gutsy Challenge is as easy as:

  • Eating 4 veg and 2 fruit a day for a week
  • Joining a fun run
  • Climbing a mountain with us
  • Riding your bike or walk to work for a week
  • Creating a sporting event
  • Holding a morning tea

Whatever takes your fancy!

We can help you with your Gutsy Challenge. When you’ve chosen your activity set up your Online Fundraising Page or call  1300 666 769 for tips on how to get started with your fundraising activity.