The Gutsy Challenge is a healthy and educational fundraiser for gastro-intestinal cancer research. Students take the Gutsy Challenge to eat 2 fruit and 4 veg every day for 1 week. Students can win awesome prizes by asking friends and family to sponsor them as they fundraise for gastro-intestinal cancer research.

The Gutsy Challenge began in 2010 and now involves thousands of children from around the country. It can be taken any time from March until the end of November each year.

During the Gutsy challenge your students will learn to:

  • Eat 2 fruit and 4 veg a day for 1 week
  • Monitor their eating
  • Put nutrition lessons learnt at school into practice

The Gutsy Challenge provides real motivation for children to eat healthy foods. The majority of students who took the Gutsy Challenge reach their healthy eating targets. 100% of surveyed schools who participated in the Gutsy Challenge in 2012 recommend the Gutsy Challenge.

When students ask friends and family to sponsor them for the Gutsy Challenge, they make a commitment to their sponsors and themselves to reach their fruit and veg intake targets.

Plus we have bundles of cool prizes for students who fundraise to win including healthy dessert makers, tablets, camcorders, slap watches and more.

Once you sign up online you can download the resources which will provide you with everything you need to run the Gutsy Challenge. Check our FAQs if you have a specific question or contact us directly.

Give fruit and vegetables a go! Take the Gutsy Challenge. Sign up now.


There are two easy ways to run the Gutsy Challenge at school.

  1. Gutsy Challenge healthy eating week
  • Students eat 2 fruit and 4 veg every day for 1 week while seeking sponsorship from friends and family.
  • Students can win prizes when they raise money.
  • You can also take the Gutsy Challenge into the classroom by downloading our classroom worksheets.
  • Donations are made online reducing administration time.
  1. Gutsy Challenge out of uniform day
  • Raise money and awareness of gastro-intestinal cancer by holding an out of uniform day.
  • Ask students to come dressed in the colour of their favourite fruit or vegetable and collect a gold coin donation.
  • A quick and easy option if your calendar is full this year.


Download the Gutsy Challenge Flier.
Download the Gutsy Challenge teachers information kit .
Download our donation information.