The Gutsy Challenge is a fun and healthy fundraiser for gastro-intestinal cancer research. You take the Gutsy Challenge to eat ‘2 fruit and 4 veg’ every day for one week. Raise money by asking friends and family to sponsor you to take the Gutsy Challenge. When you reach the fundraising targets you can win great prizes.

The Gutsy Challenge began in 2010 and now involves thousands of children from around the country. The Gutsy Challenge can be taken any time from March until the end of November each year.

The purpose of the Gutsy Challenge is to:

  1. Raise money to fund vital gastro-intestinal cancer clinical trials research to save, extend and improve the quality of life of current and future cancer patients.
  2. Reduce the occurrence of dietary and lifestyle diseases, like gastro-intestinal cancer, by encouraging children to adopt healthier lifestyles early in life.
Three reasons why you should take the Gutsy Challenge
  1. Get healthy and strong. Eating fruit and vegetables is good for your brain, muscles and skin.
  2. You can win awesome prizes when you raise money to help people with gastro-intestinal cancer.
  3. The money you raise will help doctors find better ways to fight gastrointestinal cancer.


Double the fun

Everything is more exciting and fun when your friends are around. Tell your school, your sports club, family or friends about the Gutsy Challenge and take it together. If your school or sports team is interested in taking the Gutsy Challenge, we can send you a resource pack.

Give fruit and vegetables a go! Take the Gutsy Challenge. Sign up now.