The Gutsy Challenge is a healthy and educational fundraiser for gastro-intestinal cancer research. Children take the Gutsy Challenge to eat 2 fruit and 4 veg every day for 1 week. Children can win awesome prizes by asking friends and family to sponsor them as whilst they take the Gutsy Challenge. When friends and family sponsor your child, your child makes a promise to eat their 2 fruit and 4 veg every day for the week.

The Gutsy Challenge can be taken any time from March until the end of November each year. Children can take the Gutsy Challenge by themselves, with family, friends or even their school.

The majority of children who take the Gutsy Challenge reach their fruit and veg eating targets. It is the largest national healthy eating activity for children in Australia.

Last year, Gutsy Challengers collectively ate over 100,000 pieces of fruit and veg around the country!

We even had feedback from parents who told us that their children were insisting on fresh fruit or veg with every meal. Sign up here.

Plus there are loads of cool prizes for children who fundraise including healthy dessert makers, camcorders , tablets and more.

You can record your child’s fruit and veg intake and  invite family and friends to sponsor your child through the website. It’s so simple to participate and get your kids eating fruit and veg.

Give fruit and vegetables a go! Take the Gutsy Challenge. Sign up your child now.


Download the Parents Information Kit.