Start a Gutsy Challenge today!

The Gutsy Challenge gutsy vision is to change the way Australians live so that gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer becomes a manageable disease for the 24,600 people currently diagnosed each year in Australia.


A Gutsy Challenge can be anything you want it to be.  Get gutsy – change your lifestyle and raise much needed funds to fight gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer . You can run, walk, eat healthy, swim, climb a mountain or get on a bike. You can set up a fundraising page on our Gutsy Challenge page on the Everyday Hero Fundraising site and nominate the GI Cancer Institute as your charity.

Take a Gutsy Challenge as a family, or as an individual, do it with friends, create a team at work or your club.blackmores website

The money you raise will go to fund vital research to save, extend and improve the quality of life for people suffering with GI cancer.

Did you know:

  • 30% of cancers can be prevented through healthier lifestyle choices
  • 3 in 5 Australian adults – that’s 12 million people – are overweight or obese
  • 90% of Australians are not eating enough fruit and vegetables

By taking the Gutsy Challenge you’ll develop healthier eating habits and feel a whole lot better.

So… for the sake of your guts get off your bum, eat healthy and get gutsy!


Runninghalf marathon finish edit

Put on your running shoes, get out there and run for research. Do it for yourself or with a group of friends, or colleagues from work or your club and join one of the many fun runs around the country. Taking part in a fun run is a great way to keep healthy and reduce your cancer risk. Starting is easy and we can help you with training tips, staying motivated and fundraising. For a list of fun runs and events around Australia click here.

Fundraising is easy!

If you’re ready to get set and go, simply create a page on Everyday Hero  or Gofundraise and nominate the GI Cancer Institute as your charity of choice. Everyday Hero and Gofundraise both allow you to share your story, image or video to help you raise funds. You can easily share your page via email, facebook or twitter, and you can invite friends, family and colleagues to make donations and leave messages of support.

Donations are tallied and automatically transferred to the GI Cancer Institute, so you don’t have to handle funds. It’s easy!

Sign up or if you have questions contact us at or phone 1300 666 769.


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Take the healthy eating Gutsy Challenge and let’s tackle obesity and GI cancer together. We need our fruit and vegetables– kids need 4 serves of veg and 2 fruit per day; adults need 5 serves of veg and 2 fruit per day. Here are some ideas for a healthy eating Gutsy Challenge to raise funds for GI cancer research:

  • Eat only healthy foods for a week,  or a month and get sponsors for eating healthy.
  • Have a JUNK JAR in your office and collect donations every time someone eats sweets, chocolates, has soft drinks, or alcohol.
  • Create a healthy morning tea, include a raffle and collect donations from your work colleagues.
  • Change your family’s menu for a week and get sponsors.
  • Get your kids to eat healthy for a week and have friends and family sponsor them.

Click here to find out more about a healthy eating week for kids and your family. We can provide all the help you will need for your healthy eating Gutsy Challenge – healthy recipes, tips for staying motivated, posters and flyers.  Sign up to start or contact us at or phone 1300 666 769.



Are you a bike rider? Get gutsy on your bike and raise funds for GI cancer research. Plan a ride with your friends or sports club, get sponsors and start training! Start with these three steps….

  1. Set a goal – when and where will you ride? How far will you go?
  2. Set up your Everyday Hero Fundraising page and nominate the GI Cancer Institute as your charity.
  3. Tell your family and friends you are riding  to raise funds for GI cancer research and sign up sponsors.

Sign up  today or contact us at or phone 1300 666 769


November 2015
kili sign

Do you have the guts to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for the GI Cancer Institute? We think you do!

Join us as part of the Kilimanjaro Gutsy Challenge today and you’ll not only find out what it’s like to stand at the summit of the highest freestanding mountain in the world – you’ll also raise vital funds to support innovative research into the treatment of GI cancers.

Fast Facts 

Dates: 1-12 November 2015 Registration fee: $670 (non-refundable) Fundraising target: $3,500 (excludes travel) Travel cost: $7,350, including taxes (can be fundraised) Trip duration: 12 days Challenge duration: 7 days Accommodation: Twin-share in 3 star hotels and alpine camping Minimum age: 18

Get More Info and Register

Visit: Email: Phone: Anne on 02 8036 5220 or or Inspired Adventures on 1300 905 188 with any questions!


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Take the Gutsy Challenge at work by enlisting your colleagues to participate in the challenge as a team. By signing up for the Gutsy Challenge, you can help us to fund research and find better treatments for gastro-intestinal cancer and increase the survival rates for people diagnosed with this disease. Have some fun and choose a challenge that suits your workplace:

  • register a team in a fun run
  • ride a bike or walk to work for a week
  • create a sporting event
  • hold an auction
  • eat 3 fruit and 5 veg each day for a week
  • host a tasty morning tea or lunch
  • give up a vice for a week

Anything brave will do! For help with your Gutsy Challenge and fundraising for GI cancer research contact or phone 1300 666 769. Sign up



Bring the members of your club together for a Gutsy Challenge and help us fund research to find better treatments for gastro-intestinal cancer and increase the survival rates for people diagnosed with this disease. Have some fun and choose a challenge you want to do with your club:

  • Hold a golf day
  • Serve healthy food in your restaurant
  • Host a tasty morning tea or lunch
  • Put on a lawn bowls challenge
  • Create a sporting event

There are many ways for a club to participate in a Gutsy Challenge. For help with your club’s Gutsy Challenge and raising funds for GI cancer research contact or phone 1300 666 769. Sign up